Personalized Implantable Vaccines

ImmunoRec is the offspring of a 10-year laboratory work and focuses on the application of the Personalized Implantable Vaccine technology.

Safe and effective immune regulation

Combined Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

Implantation of autologous, in vitro pre-activated with antigenic stimulus macrophages, loaded onto a silicon scaffold



Cancer immunotherapy


Immune regulation


“Personalized implantable vaccines technology: effectiveness and safety” webinar in the context of  the International Immunology day 2021 dedicated to “Immunological  research fighting COVID-19 pandemic” (in greek)


The aim of ImmunoRec  Private Capital Company includes the commercialization and exploitation of the scientific results produced in the context of research projects, funded  or not, performed at the University of Crete, as well as the OBI patent 1009868 regarding implants application against cancer and in particular:

a) Basic, applied and clinical research in Health: The proposed application refers to the implantation of a solid substrate, activated with autologous (supplied by the same organism to whom implanted) tumor cells to cancer-diagnosed patients in order to develop specific anti-tumorigenic immune response, which will be evaluated by the improvement of the patient’s disease markers, the development of tumor-specific humoral and cellular immunity towards the reduction and finally the destruction of tumor.

b) The organization of scientific meetings, conferences, seminars and training workshops in Greece and abroad.

c) Undertaking scientific works, protocols and others research projects upon request of natural or legal persons of the public or private sector, nationally or internationally.

d) Creation, development, distribution and support of all above services.

e) Raising funds according to the national legislation on development as well as the European investment programs.

f) Participation in local, national, European and international research or other purposes programs for further developing its activity.

g) The sale or leasing of the use of its know-how to domestic or foreign, natural or legal persons.

h) Scientific consulting services in Immunology.

Immune Recognition – you can heal yourself

Immune Recognition – you can heal yourself

Immune Recognition – you can heal yourself

Immune Recognition – you can heal yourself

Immune Recognition – you can heal yourself

Immune Recognition – you can heal yourself

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